Mission Statement

 Our Mission

We are an alliance of organisations and services with a mutual interest in providing ethical and sustainable donations of fire and rescue aid and training to countries facing the greatest challenges.

Our Objectives

  • To provide guidelines for sustainable and ethical use of donations. 
  • To work together on joint projects, share best practice and provide a space for discussion for those working on similar projects. 
  • To highlight the work of such organisations, both within the UK and internationally. 
  • To provide guidance and support to other similar organisations. 
  • To develop partnership working with Fire & Rescue Services. 
  • To develop, host and manage a database which looks at past, current and planned development projects. 
  • To identify funding streams to assist with the delivery of international projects.
  • To seek endorsement from such organisations as UKFRS, CFOA, LGA, DfID, etc, recognising the role played as a key facilitator for international development training and equipment donations.
  • To gain recognition, publicity and support from the UK government and others for the donations being made by the UK to developing countries.
  • To publicly raise issues as deemed appropriate by members.
  • To provide strategic advice at government level to assist with the development of policies, strategies and legislation. 

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