Development of Rescue Challenge, Macedonia
The United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) manages an International Development Programme (IDP) which aims to identify and work alongside countries who wish to develop their vehicle rescue and pre-hospital care capability – sharing experience with rescue and medical services around the world.

A key method used by UKRO is the development of rescue challenges as a means of developing certain skills. Further information on rescue challenges can be found here:

In November 2013, UKRO were invited to undertake an initial scoping visit and make contact with key stakeholders. The visit was focused on planning the establishment of a National Rescue Committee/Organisation and Rescue Challenge Concept (RCC), to World Rescue Organisation (WRO) standards. This will include the development of National Assessors and Logistics Specialists.

The project has already resulted in the key stakeholders engaging with each other and has generated interest in the ongoing development of their rescue knowledge, skills and capabilities. An exhibition of rescue skills was undertaken in May 2014 and the UKRO IDP team attended the PRI International Conference to deliver a presentation on the role of the WRO and UKRO IDP in relation to improving standards as part of the United Nations Decade of Action Fifth Pillar expectations.

FIRE AID member Dan Quin speaking at the PRI Conference in Skopje, Macedonia

The commitment to the establishment of a National Rescue Committee/Organisation and RCC will result in better trained crews, improving effective rescue and care, within the post-crash environment, which in turn will result in a reduction of road death and presentation of a more viable patient at hospital.


Name: United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Location: United Kingdom


Name: Republic of Macedonia Location: Skopje