The United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) manages an International Development Programme (IDP) which aims to identify and work alongside countries who wish to develop their vehicle rescue and pre-hospital care capability – sharing experience with rescue and medical services around the world.

A key method used by UKRO is the development of rescue challenges as a means of developing certain skills. Further information on rescue challenges can be found here:

In 2006, Germany contacted the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) to enquire about membership and the development of its rescue challenge. The WRO asked the UKRO IDP to aid Germany’s request. Initial discussions between the IDP and Germany established areas where the IDP could provide assistance.

From 2006 onwards, UKRO focused on assisting German colleagues with the development of their own national rescue organisation, Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Unfallrettungswesens (VFDU), and the training and qualification of their assessors. At the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) in Barcelona in 2007, members of the VFDU attended the WRO’s AGM where they were recognised as level three members, and later that year Germany attained level two membership of the WRO. In 2007 and 2008, VFDU members attended the annual assessors training event held at the Scottish Fire Service College where they were trained to be national and international assessors.

In 2008 Germany offered to host the 2010 WRC which was accepted by the WRO committee. The VFDU hosted a very successful World Rescue Challenge held in Frankfurt Am Germany in 2010. The WRC being hosted in Germany has provided the WRO and the UKDO IDP the opportunity to introduce the work of both organisations to Central and Eastern Europe.

The impact of the development of the rescue challenge in Germany and its hosting of the World Rescue Challenge has been significant. There has been a wide spread dissemination of global standards for combined rescue and care within Germany.
The cooperation between UKRO and Germany has resulted in better trained rescue crews which in turn results in a reduction of road death.


Name: United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Location: United Kingdom


Name: German National Fire Service Location: Germany