Republic of Ireland
UK Rescue Organisation has assisted the Republic of Ireland with the establsihment of a National Rescue Committee and Rescue Challenge and the training of national assessors and logistics specialists.

The United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) manages the International Development Programme (IDP) which aims to identify and work alongside countries who wish to develop their vehicle rescue and post collision capability – sharing experience with rescue and medical services around the world.

One of the many methods used by UKRO is the development of rescue challenges as a means of developing certain skills. Further information on rescue challenges can be found here:

Following a presentation by the UKRO to the Irish Chief Fire Officers’ Technical Conference in October 2007, expressions of interest were received from a number of Fire & Rescue Services across Ireland leading to creation of Rescue Organisation Ireland (ROI) in March 2008. Over the subsequent years, UKRO has assisted ROI with the establishment of a National Rescue Committee, Rescue Challenge, the training of national assessors and logistics specialists. ROI, representing the Republic of Ireland is now a level 1 member of the World Rescue Organisation which it achieved in 2010.

The impact of the development of the rescue challenge in Ireland has been significant. There has been a wide spread dissemination of global standards to complement existing rescue and care within the Republic. The cooperation between UKRO and ROI has contributed to the already existing training and the development of rescue crews within the Republic of Ireland. All of this work will contribute towards the wider reduction of road death. For further details on ROI and its on going work please visit their web site


Name: United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Location: United Kingdom


Name: Rescue Organisation Ireland Location: Republic of Ireland