Safer Roads Foundation: Improving road safety in Japan
Our member, Safer Roads Foundation were alerted to a danger on the signal-controlled pedestrian crossing on Uchibori Dori at its junction with Roppongi Dori is sited on a multi-lane approach and high-sided vehicles in lanes 2 and 3 would frequently totally obscure visibility of the overhead signal for drivers in lane 1 who, in such circumstances, could not see any signal whatsoever, whilst at the same time pedestrians received a ‘green man’ instruction to cross.

The danger was simply and easily addressed by installing a second overhead signal at the crossing point, mounted on the left-hand side of the carriageway, ensuring a driver heading east in lane 1 always has visibility of at least one red signal.

Before                                                                                  After


Name: Safer Roads Foundation Location: London


Name: Authorities Uchibori Dori, Japan Location: Uchibori Dori, Japan