You can become a member by applying under one of the following categories:

  • Steering Committee Member. A member who participates in making decisions concerning the future, management and monitoring of FIRE AID. To be considered for the Steering Committee your organisation must have demonstrated a commitment to FIRE AID through active involvement over a period of time as a FIRE AID Member.
  • FIRE AID Member. A non-profit organisation whose name is listed on our website, and who has voting rights at the AGM.
  • Associate Member. A person who is a member of an organisation, having only partial rights and privileges.
  • Affiliate Member. A company or organisation that has an interest in aid and international development or are involved in the Fire & Rescue industry and would like to be affiliated with FIRE AID.
  • Honorary Member. A form of membership conferred upon an individual whose contribution to aid and international development has been so outstanding as to merit this honor.

You can interact with us by:

1. Applying for Membership
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2. Subscribing
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3. Following us on social media
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Queries regarding involvement with FIRE AID should be sent to

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