FIRE AID members UKRO and SERA deliver joint project in Ukraine

Thu 07, Feb, 2019

FIRE AID is an umbrella organisation which brings together its members to improve international post-crash response, our latest project in Ukraine is a perfect example of collaboration between our members.

In January 2019 three of our members the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO), Blythswood Care Scottish Emergency Rescue Association (SERA) delivered a project in the Poltava Region of Ukraine which included the donation and delivery of three fully equipped fire engines. It also saw the regions first Vehicle Extrication Rescue Challenge which followed a week of road traffic collision (RTC) training by the UKRO.

The UKRO, as part of a long term plan, continued their work in the Poltava Region following previous successful visits in 2017 & 2018. Working in collaboration with SERA their vision to reduce the impact on people involved in road traffic collisions in the region has taken a significant step forward by increasing the capability of the Fire Service of Poltava with the provision of vehicles, equipment and training. Thanks to the commitment of both organisations and dedication of their volunteers from the UK emergency services the firefighters of Poltava now have a foundation on which they are empowered to improve their response to road traffic collisions and fire-related incidents.

The three organisations have successfully worked together in recent years in the Republic of Moldova, and the opportunity to reform the alliance in Ukraine is a natural progression. While the UKRO’s focus was on improving the region’s response to road traffic collisions, the support of Blythswood Care & SERA allowed the scope of the project to include the delivery of the fully equipped fire engines. The provision of the fire engines and associated equipment by SERA was complimented by an extensive training programme which included Breathing Apparatus, Pumps & Ladders, Driver Training and additional basic RTC & trauma training to ensure the safety of all firefighters while using the vehicles and equipment. Complimenting the equipment and training provided, was the Rescue Challenge. The Challenge is intended to be an annual event which provides a mechanism for self-development against international recognised standards.

Ian Marritt, the lead UKRO representative for Ukraine, said “The week-long project in Ukraine is an example of what can be achieved through the collaboration of like-minded organisations. The UKRO’s goal of developing the Poltava regions response to road traffic collisions has taken significant strides forward and increased in scope to include response to fire-related incidents and education thanks to the unwavering support of Blythswood Care and SERA. We must also not forget the generosity of Holmatro Rescue who has so far donated three full sets of hydraulic rescue equipment to the project and Humberside and South Wales Fire and Rescue for the donations of the Fire appliances.”

FIRE AID enabled this project with the provision of vehicles and equipment through our database which accounts for the surplus vehicles and equipment from fire services throughout the UK which allows projects like this to be delivered. Claire Hoyland, FIRE AID’s Coordinator said “we are so pleased to see such a successful collaboration including three of our key members. The appliances, which were donated through our database, have been put to good use saving lives in Ukraine, a country where on average 4,000 people die in RTC incidents every year.”

This ongoing project in Ukraine is a testament to the valuable contribution that FIRE AID and its partner organisations make in reducing death and injuries throughout the world through collaborative working.