Case Study: Moldova

An example of our work: Moldova

Since 2013, six FIRE AID members supported by 7 different UK fire services have been working in the Republic of Moldova to provide much needed equipment and training to the national fire service.

At the time of starting there were:

  • 144 fire appliances covering the whole country. This is 92 fewer than the recommended minimum number.
  • 8 appliances fit for responding to road traffic collisions.
  • 7% of appliances that fell within the government’s terms of service.
  • 93% of appliances were more than 13 years old.

“Upon our arrival at the fire station [in Edinet, Moldova], I was shocked to see that our appliance would be replacing a 1967 water tanker. The station actually had two of them, but only one had a pump. It was then that I was able to fully appreciate the significance of our journey, and the impact that the donation would have on saving lives in Moldova.”

Sam Sellick, Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Project steps

Identify the needs of a country or region

Understand their post-crash systems and capacities

Develop an intervention strategy

Develop and deliver bespoke training alongside relevant equipment provision.

Develop sustainable strategies

Undertake reviews

Equipment stats


Water rescue boats

Fire appliances

Personal protective equipment sets

Breathing apparatus sets

Road traffic collison sets

Water rescue equipment


  • Trained over 1,200 fire fighters delivered by over 50 volunteer UK fire and rescue expert instructors.
  • Hosted over 10 delegates in the UK for training with the UK fire and rescue service.
  • Educated over 2,500 school children.
  • Introduced EASST Road Safety Education Pack into Moldovan national curriculum thanks to the support of the Moldovan Government.
  • This equipment and training has saved over 200 lives

“The road traffic equipment is very useful to us. We have never had this before, and the training provided meant we were able to learn how to use the equipment too. This road traffic collision equipment will allow us to save more lives where we previously wouldn’t have been able to.”

Kostya, Tiraspol Fire and Rescue Service

Project Partners

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